Monday, 5 November 2007


our elections was a complete disaster
I think that here in Argentina, elctions
wouldn't be good, until we make the diference
'cause we have an uncomplete organisation,
and we need to leve things like the obligatory
elections, also will be ok if we improve our servises.


These words are my heart ans soul (with me sum 41)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Extra Work

Past Continuos:

We use past continuos when we talk about an action that start in the past and hasn't finish or you don't know that the action is finish.


I was working in the factory
I was going to the cinema

We also use past coninuos when we talk about an action that iterupt's another.


I was having a bath when the phone rang
I was eating a cake when i saw a gost

past continuos is made by

was/were + infinitive + -ing

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Arminian Genoside

24 of april we conmemorated the 92 years of the arminian genocide this is very important because take 1.500.000 Arminians and this a genocide is not recognized by the Turks
they kill not only mans they also kill womans, young childs and old people.
The most horrible thing is that this was planned by the young turkish governors.
they also abuse of womans infront of their childs and then kill them.
They with the pretext of the war conduces the people into de arabic desert to kill them by the grate hot or if they want to drink they were killed, if the survive this horrilble walk the only that they will find will be dead in holes in the ground because they throw them in the hole and then burn them or also throw them to the river.


Monday, 16 April 2007

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Well here in argentina for easter we used to eate a lot of chocolate eggs of chocolate but the most inportant hear in argentina is to speend it with our familys well I think so.
Well best wishes for all



Well I saw the pictures in the blog and for me the best foto in the blog was the sunrise because I like it.
But this pictures are of the computer are the same that i have in my computer


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

My Information

About Me:
Well my name is Nicolas, I am 16 years old, I have been studing for more than 10 years and I want to finish because i don't like to wake up early hahaha.

I'd Like to Meet:
i think it will be good to meet sum 41 or Dio of Black sabbath.

I am interested in music and cars I am waiting to do the driving test to take my parents car hahaha.well I don't know I like music because I spend all the time listening to music well I think so.

I like heavy metal, rock and roll and punk music my fabourites grups are La RengaSum 41 Iron Maiden The Ramones Ska-p and much more like sitem of a down, the offspring, etc

well I realy enjoy cience fiction films like star wars and back to the future but for me the most inportant is to spend time with friends.

The OC is an American comedy-drama television series it tells the story of Ryan Atwood, a 16 year old boy living in Chino (a place in united states) and his problems.