Wednesday, 21 March 2007

My Information

About Me:
Well my name is Nicolas, I am 16 years old, I have been studing for more than 10 years and I want to finish because i don't like to wake up early hahaha.

I'd Like to Meet:
i think it will be good to meet sum 41 or Dio of Black sabbath.

I am interested in music and cars I am waiting to do the driving test to take my parents car hahaha.well I don't know I like music because I spend all the time listening to music well I think so.

I like heavy metal, rock and roll and punk music my fabourites grups are La RengaSum 41 Iron Maiden The Ramones Ska-p and much more like sitem of a down, the offspring, etc

well I realy enjoy cience fiction films like star wars and back to the future but for me the most inportant is to spend time with friends.

The OC is an American comedy-drama television series it tells the story of Ryan Atwood, a 16 year old boy living in Chino (a place in united states) and his problems.

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talo said...

nico you have a nice blog
see you
kisses talin